Education “We wish we could keep David as a talented and insightful researcher.” David’s Honour’s thesis spanned 2 faculties at the University of New England (Microbiology and Botany)and was the only First Class Honours to be awarded by one of the faculties in 11 years; Later, his Th.M. at Westminster Seminary, Philadelphia, USA again spanned 2 faculties (Hermeneutics and Apologetics).
Pharmaceuticals “David's unique capacities are very rare. He is an extremely creative system analyst, able to come in, help you see what you need and how to get there. Each meeting with him is a joy: we shake each others’ belief systems, open new pathways in our thinking and are always creating a unique experience.” - Gerard Blocks, Senior Director Global Quality Assurance at Fort Dodge Animal Health
Government “This forms a case study in how a very substantial problem was tackled and solved. The critical part was needing that mapping device to get started.” When the Australian Government introduced the Superannuation Guarantee, it superheated a system the government had previously only managed at the edges. Through metaphor, mapping and methodology, David, together with the Superannuation experts, mapped the entire regulatory and social system of Superannuation. These maps became the basis for industry consultation and policy formation of Australia’s superannuation system.
Mining “I was very impressed the first time I met you - when I came in and you were working with (the GM Development). There was all this stuff flying around, and you were writing away in the background, and before I could come to grips with the issues, you already had it written out on the board.” A mining firm wracked by mutual disrespect and devaluing among GMs and no shared understanding of the business became an “MD team” with better communication, able to function with a focus on the commercial well being of the business as a whole.
Development “The benefit you gave was an agile enough mind to get around the issues, tease out the commonalities, and get the problem to the real issues, not the periphery.” - GM Development. David’s work recovered $15 million, and opened the door to an investment of $150 million, with an n.p.v. return of 14% pa over 30 years.
Taxation “Excellent, absolutely excellent. We are really getting value out of this. We have tapped into some specialist skills we didn’t know existed.” - Assistant to the First Commissioner, responsible for Planning. David’s experience in, and deep theory about a range of physical and intellectual product development pathways provided a high level map for the strategic planning pathway, as expressed in major new interventions.
Consulting “David is charming and a deep listener. By “deep” I mean not just that he conveys empathy via body language, but that he also listens to the undercurrents in situations and stories. He concisely grasps complex briefs and “reads” situations astutely. David can handle complexity very well too… (and) deliver the outcomes in eloquent and interesting expression. But David’s consummate skill in my view is as a facilitator of groups facing complex and multifaceted problems… But even more than this I admire and recommend David for his character. He is a lifelong learner, who works on self-development perpetually. He has a high level of self reflection and works to build his integrity and open mindedness. He is deeply aware that people are the crux to organisational performance and he works and thinks tirelessly to achieve cultural change.” - David’s employer, the head of a consultancy with a mission to “Change the way the world thinks about thinking”
Animal Health “David’s energy levels never die in his passion to understand and learn in the here and now, and to draw information from people through visual aids, to turn broken or stale systems into grounded and robust quality systems that cover the whole picture not just the bits that are broken. David does this not just for the quality department but for the management of Fort Dodge Australia.” - One of David’s direct reports.
Biotech “Best PDP manual I have seen worldwide in over 200 audits. Could I have a copy please?” - British Standards Institute auditor, Miami USA. David consulted to a high technology biotech company to translate complex product development and research systems into key business process descriptions.
Financial Services “You've changed my vocation in life"; "It's hard to tell others what your expertise is because we can ask you to do so many things and you deliver"; "I ask other people if they've worked with David Jones. If they say yes, then it's enough for us to understand each other". Comments from a a team of designers David coached in a large financial services company
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