Don't "manage" change.
Make it happen.
- Make it happen this time.
- Make people more adaptive and ready for next time.
Change the
Change the conversation about leadership – where to look for answers, what constitutes skills for leadership in a dynamic environment. Provide training for your leaders in the significance of conversation for human enterprise.

Only leaders can change the topic – give them the tools to Change Conversation
Shape the
Enable your managers to move from “technical rationalist” (people who think they have seen it all before – but are stuck if they meet something truly new) to “adaptive specialist” (people who can bring the best of their expertise – and apply it as a design thinker).

Change the Conversation your managers are capable of contributing to.
Lead the
Enable change by the people not to the people. Get past all the sophisticated new ways we have to play the blame game: “Resistance to Change” is just a fancy new version of blaming workers for failures to lead well.

Change conversation! Don’t stay stuck with frameworks for change that lack power to bring change
Assess the
Bring frameworks that enable audit and diagnosis of the conversations that people currently inhabit. Understand why they are failing to deliver desired outcomes for all who contribute to the conversation.

Be prepared to Change Conversation by design.
"To lead wisely is to pay attention to, and to become skilled in, the ways people create new understanding in the subtle to-and-fro of conversation.(1)"

1. Strom M & L Ledoux, Arts of the Wise Leader At “Leading with wisdom”, 6th Annual Conference, European SPES Forum, April 23-24, 2010, Groenendal
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