Change Conversation with Lite Frameworks

We build the conversations necessary to sustain endeavour in human enterprise.

Within each enterprise, we actually need to be able to

-   Create and use systems that are sustainable
-   Hold the right conversations at every level and interface
-   Understand what is knowledge versus what is noise.

We call this the Lite approach.

Lite provides an atlas for the core conversations of business: mapping, describing and providing insight into the distinctive character of these necessarily different conversations that make up a high-performing organisation.

Applied to your context, Lite ensure collective efforts that are:

Fast - Lite accelerates the pace of business by reducing 'noise', lifting out what is relevant, keeping it central, and not drowning it in documentation (like Agile applied to workplace conversations).

Fluent - Lite unlocks co-ordinated action as contributors are informed and focused through knowing and thinking within the relevant 'territory' for that conversation. The team has a shared map and understand what "quality" in conversations looks like.

Frictionless - Lite reduces the scope for miscarriage of intent and content, it reduces waste and futility in human interactions around enterprises (like Lean for workplace conversations).

The Lite Frameworks deliver powerful new possibilities to increase the processing potential of your mind.

They are simple enough diagrams yet carry huge capability. Between the four Frameworks, all the thinking processes necessary to human enterprise are encompassed.

The top of the suite, a paradigmatic framework, the KDP (Knowledge Development Pathway), is an archetypal model for complex adaptive systems.

The frameworks support fractal, recursive recognition of thinking processes.

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